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ThanksKilling DVD cover.

ThanksKilling is a low-budget holiday themed horror-comedy film. It revolves around a group of HIGHLY stereotypical characters who are being "pecked" off by a demonic undead turkey over Thanksgiving break. There is Johnny (The Jock), Billy (The Redneck), Ali (The Whore) Kristen (The Good Girl) and Darren (The Nerd). There is also Sheriff Roud who is Kristen's father and Oscar the hermit who wants to kill Turkie for taking the life of his dog who also happens to be his wife or some shit like that. (The film is badly written but funny nontheless.) As you can see on DVD cover (Left.) The caption just above the title says "WARNING! BOOBS IN THE FIRST SECOND!" But this in not entirely true. There are boobs in the first 15 seconds of the film just after the introduction and during the opening sequence with the adult-film star Wanda Lust.